Architarium Columbarium System

Made to last generations

Columbarium products tend to look alike. There – we said it. However, the similarity ends at the faceplate. An engineered columbarium is higher quality. It takes engineering to design a system that works for creative architectures. In addition, it takes engineering to manufacture a system that lasts for many years. It takes engineers to create an engineered system. Our degreed engineers started by creating the industry’s first 100% stainless steel columbarium. And we haven’t stopped. In a nutshell, your organization will decide whether to make an investment as opposed to a purchase. How do you place a value on a columbarium? By the impact that it will have on generations on your community.

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Degreed and experienced


90 years in business



Longest in the industry

Lifetime Value

100% stainless steel



  • CAD rendering, dimensioning, and versioning
  • Versatile frame
  • Robotic fabrication
  • Welded assembly
  • 0.125″ precision
  • Completely separate niches (for security and damage mitigation)
  • Moisture mitigation and dissipation features
  • Debris mitigation features
  • Built-in seal (no caulk)
  • Two layers of security (no exterior hardware or slide-out)
  • Specialized access key
  • Product and fabrication designed by degreed engineers

Frame: 100% stainless steel

Faceplates: Granite or Bronze or Both

Free-standing exterior: Granite

Granite selection: Any commercially available granite

  • Flat insert
  • Flat insert – stepped
  • Flat insert – stepped, curved
  • Flat insert – double sided
  • Curved insert – concave
  • Curved insert – convex
  • Curved insert – completely round
  • Curved insert, double sided
  • Free-standing – flat
  • Free-standing – octagonal
  • Free-standing – flat, double sided
  • Wall addon
  • Ground
  • And probably that haven’t been requested yet

Standard Exterior Dimension: 12″x12″12″

Custom sizes: Available

Mixed sizes in same frame: Available

  • Mortar guard
  • Frame expansion
  • Easy relocation (insert, ground niche)
  • Granite accent engraving
  • Granite capstone (insert columbarium)
  • Peaked cap (free-standing columbarium)
  • Capacity for many commercially available urns
  • Capacity for many commercially available urns as a pair
  • Fit specified by shop drawings
  • 0.125 in. manufacturing precision
  • No heavy equipment – only standard hand tools
  • Multiple wall interface options
  • All hardware supplied – even the drill bits
  • Typically performed by a contractor or the client
  • Full written constructions
  • On-site assistance available
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Instructions for removing and reattaching both the exterior and interior face plate
  • Specialized tools needed to move the niche face plate and niche door.
  • Individual access for each niche so that only one niche is uncovered during inurnment
  • Extra face plates for rotation while originals are sent out for engraving so that there are no uncovered niches
  • No caulk work is required for opening or closing the niche
  • Architarium urns or many commercially available urns
  • Minimal maintenance due to materials and construction
  • Stainless steel: far more resistant to staining than other materials
  • Exterior: wash the granite face with a garden hose as needed to remove any debris
  • Interior: dust or wash the granite by hand with soap and water
  • Granite: weathers well and require virtually no maintenance
  • Bronze: tarnishes with time (will provide instructions to maintain and extend)


40 year warranty based in the USA



  • Granite or Bronze or Both
  • Select your own granite
  • Lightweight for handling


  • Per niche for privacy
  • Snap-on
  • Two layers of security
  • Exterior key for removal


  • Engrave locally or with our nation-wide service
  • Deep sandblast
  • Exterior paint fill or raw


  • Engrave locally or with our partner
  • Exterior paint or raw

Recommended Granite

Absolute Black

Tropic Brown

Pearl Gray

Venetian Gold

Uba Tuba Green


It helps to see a product in action. Be sure to watch the video below. As you can see, the niche is easy to operate. And our engineers continuously work to enhance the operation. At the same time, they also work to ensure maximum security. No niche should be easy for someone else to access. (Note: The video shows operation for a funeral service. As a result, the video does not show the inner door in use.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your product really a 100% stainless steel columbarium?

Everything but the faceplates.

Are your engineers really degreed?


Do you offer a lower-cost alternative?

No. Our focus is on a system that will last generations.

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