Columbarium Support

To help you plan and operate

Project Consultation


Leverage our technical and industry experience to make your own decisions.


  • Degreed engineers
  • Discuss design, marketing, construction
  • Phone or email: free
  • In-person: nominal fee

Concept Drawing


Use a memorial garden concept drawing to capture your vision and share with your members.


Faceplate Engraving


Eliminate worries about faceplate engraving by using our nation-wide service.


  • Nation-wide service
  • Guidance on format standard
  • Ship within 2 business days average
  • Option to inventory faceplates at the factory
  • Lower cost than industry average
  • columbarium funeral help

What our clients say:

"Visiting Architarium’s factory proved to our committee that precision, quality, value along with longevity is what they manufacture.  We had no idea the design was so detailed and precise.  Impressive!" --Tom G., TX

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