Your Columbarium Purchase

How to get your columbarium

Quote   >>>   Order   >>>   Manufacturing  >>>  Delivery  >>>  Installation

Here’s what to expect with your columbarium order. You provide your design or specification to us. We provide a quote to you and work out any details with you. Then we formalize the quote into a manufacturing agreement. Then we manufacture! On the back end, we crate the columbarium. Next we make shipping arrangements and let you know what to expect upon delivery. Finally we help you or your contractor with the installation. At the end of the process, you have your new beautiful columbarium ready for use.


  • You will need a specification for your columbarium or even your entire memorial garden.
  • Depending upon the complexity of your memorial garden project, you may use an architect to generate site drawings
  • For simpler projects, Architarium can help you solidify your columbarium design.
  • Request a written quote. For a full memorial garden, you can provide architectural drawings. For a simpler columbarium, we can generate a specification. If we have done the columbarium design, we will already have the specification.
  • Request a written agreement once you have reviewed the quote and specification.
  • When you confirm your columbarium purchase, we schedule your project in production with a completion date and provide you with pertinent documentation.


  • Check with us on current manufacturing lead time.
  • You should order your columbarium in parallel with the start of memorial garden construction.
  • Architarium’s columbarium can be stored until the memorial garden site is ready and moved without the need for heavy equipment.


The columbarium manufacturing time (excludes shipping time) is typically 4-8 weeks. Automated production is fast! Actual delivery time depends on:

  • Size of the order
  • Availability of the faceplate and surround material (if applicable)
  • Our production load and schedule at the time of your order


All arrangements for shipment are handled at the factory.

  • The shipment arrives via common carrier. The delivery is coordinated in advance.
  • Columbarium niches arrive in preassembled sections in crates.
  • If sections of columbarium niches exceed 8 feet in either dimension, they will arrive in multiple sections with minimal assembly required. Sections are designed to integrate seamlessly.
  • Sections of columbarium niches are crated to be unloaded by hand with no need for heavy equipment.
  • Crates can be moved by several strong individuals, although a pallet jack can be useful.


Installation is designed to be as easy and quick as possible.

  • Fit specified by shop drawings
  • 0.125 in. manufacturing precision
  • No heavy equipment
  • Typically performed by a contractor or the client
  • On-site assistance available
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Complete written instructions
  • Installation details
  • columbarium funeral help

What our clients say:

"Visiting Architarium’s factory proved to our committee that precision, quality, value along with longevity is what they manufacture.  We had no idea the design was so detailed and precise.  Impressive!" --Tom G., TX

Test your vocabulary:

  • Limestone

    Soft sedimentary rock comprised mostly the mineral calcite.



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