7 Ways a Columbarium Benefits Your Members


The first thing your organization probably wants to know is how a columbarium benefits members. Otherwise, there’s no point in proceeding.

Meaningful Burial

Commercial burial is convenient but not always meaningful. The members of a community share their lives with each other and with the community. So it is appropriate for members to have a permanent and prominent final resting place on the community grounds. This allows the community to celebrate the member’s life, support the member’s loved ones and honor the member’s legacy. Stability, security and care mean a lot.

Burial spaces created by communities are unique. They integrate with the community’s structures and grounds. An emphasis on design ensures that they are inviting, intimate and comforting.

Community burial also provides a pleasant place for visitors: loved ones, friends, future generations and even genealogists.

Support for Cremation

Americans are increasingly choosing cremation. As of 2015, 45% of dispositions in the US were cremations. In some states, the rate is much higher. The reasons for the choice varies. The impact of burial on the environment and land availability is a concern. Religions are increasingly accepting of cremation. Cremation is overall more affordable.

Estate Planning

By acquiring a niche in your community, members will address a piece of the estate planning puzzle.
create a memorial to comfort loved ones, be
connected to future generations, and honor
your legacy within this community. Most of
all, you will have a sense of peace.


Cremation itself is a very affordable form of disposition. Crematorium cost is typically in the hundreds of dollars. No casket or land plot is required.

Furthermore, some people are bypassing the traditional funeral for what is known as direct cremation. The traditional funeral involves last minute travel, a viewing, embalming, etc.

If families choose to bury the cremains, a niche is almost always much less expensive than a burial plot.


Bypassing the traditional funeral allows families to hold a memorial service at any time. In turn, flexibility helps with costs because costly decisions aren’t being made under pressure.


Executing a funeral for a loved one can be daunting. Experiencing a funeral for a loved one is stressful. Having the support of your own community at this time is invaluable.

As a society, we have become distanced from death and have lost related skills. Many people don’t know what to expect, what is required, what choices are available. Coordination of all of the activities and people is also a challenge. Your organization has the opportunity to provide a major service to people in need. You can provide information, guidance, products, services and emotional support.


By participating in your memorial program, members help each other. They allow the program to exist to the benefit of many.


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